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You are the type of woman whose clothes tell a story.  When you are out exploring the world, you can portray yourself however you want through clothes. You may have spent your day on your feet at work, or you have spent a long day sitting behind a desk or in a suit and stilettos, making deals and taking names.  The next, you’re on a yoga retreat, wearing harem pants and bare feet, greeting fellow yogis with a gentle “Namaste.”  Other days you feel like dancing; you take to the club in a body con dress and strappy heels.

 You can be whoever you want when you’re out and about.  But, when you’re at home, you want to be truly you. You take off those work shoes or heels, leave behind the outfits and wipe away the makeup. When you are at home, you slip into something more comfortable.  There is nothing better than the feeling of leaving behind the day and snuggling into your favorite set of lounge wear with a glass of wine.

You do not have to sacrifice style or your fashion identity for your pajamas.  Each set has a personality!  Which lounge wear suits you and your plans best today?



Matching Sets

You are organized. You use personalized stationary and keep a day planner.  After a long day of perfecting spreadsheets and organizing your desktop, you’re ready to unwind.  You come home to your beautiful house in the suburbs, and take down your hair.  After your 10-step skin care routine, you slip into this super cute matching pajama set and curl up with a good book.  


Sexy Pajamas

You’re bold. After happy hour drinks and dinner with friends, you cannot wait to get back home to your luxurious velvet couch.  You wipe off your red lipstick and pour yourself a glass of merlot to cap off the night.  You change into this sexy set and flip through your favorite fashion magazine, ready to relax.



Cozy Pajamas

 You’re exhausted from a long day of shopping, scouring the mall for the perfect leather tote.  You are so ready to hurry home for a night in.  You change into your comfiest set of pajamas and order a pizza from your favorite spot.  You flip on the television and snuggle up for a night of watching reality TV and cuddling with your adorable golden retriever.




 You wake up late on Sunday.  You are feeling well rested, but you’re ready to take a lazy day for yourself.  You slip on a patterned silky robe and mosey to the kitchen.  After chopping up some fresh fruit and blending it into a nutritious smoothie, you’re ready to take on the day.


Chic Pajamas

 You dress in only the most fashionable clothes by day, what makes it any different at night?  In the evenings, you strut your stuff in a chic PJ set,and  stretch out on your chaise with a cup of hot chamomile tea. 



Night Gown

You live for feminine touches.  You slip into your lacy night gown and take a peek in the mirror. You apply your favorite face mask, and light a floral scented candle.   While relaxing before bed, you scroll through Pinterest, searching for the perfect desert recipe to bake tomorrow.



The PJ’s Company

No matter what lounge wear you choose, treat yourself to the best pajamas available from The PJs Company.  You’ll find the most luxurious, incredibly comfortable pajamas for a great price.  You invest in your mattress, sheets, and pillows.  Why not treat yourself to the best pajamas on the market?