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The summer is in full swing and it is HOT!  Summer is the perfect time to switch up your pajamas! You may find your usual pajamas are affecting your sleep.  Staying cool at night is integral to your sleep quality, especially during the hot summer months.

Generally, our body temperature is at its highest in the early afternoon and lowest in the early hours of the morning.  As we start to get tired our bodies start to cool down to get ready for sleep.  If you stay cool by wearing lightweight PJ’s, your body won’t have to work as hard to cool down, allowing for deeper sleep. 

1. Best Pajama Shorts

Soft Light and Cool Pajama Shorts

Keep cool and avoid chafe during those hot summer nights with these silky cooling pajama shorts.  You will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated when you are able to achieve the deep sleep you desire.  The cute lacy edging detail adds a sexy feminine touch.  Slip into these for a good night’s sleep, and take them for a stroll around the garden in the morning.

2. Best For Vacation

Casual Night Dress and Robe Set
OK, we know that a vacation is not a real possibility for most of us this summer. But there are still places you can go away for a few days and just unwind. Imagine yourself taking off with this gorgeous set packed up in your luggage.  This is hands down the best set for vacation.  It packs up small, and does not take up much room; leaving space for shoes, handbags, and other favorites.  Picture this: you wake up from a relaxing slumber, don your gorgeous robe, and enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony before a fun filled day.

3. Best For Bachelorette Weekend 

Classic Pajama Set

With summer, comes gatherings and get togethers with friends, and of course this includes bachelorette parties.  Bachelorette parties are basically like one big girl’s night slumber party, so they call for a classic PJ set.  You will stay comfy and protected from scratchy hotel sheets with the long sleeves and long pants. The cute contrasting color buttons, piping, and hems makes this set camera ready all weekend


Pajama, Nightdress and Robe Set

Something about summer Sundays makes us want to relax in our hammock all morning.  Enjoy a slow, lazy Sunday in this pajama set.  This set is perfect because it is so versatile, with pieces for every climate. Get too hot while making breakfast? Slip into the shorts to cool off a bit.  Is the AC blowing too hard while you are curled up with your book?  Slip into the long pants and the robe to stay warm.



Silky Robe for Summer

This silky robe is the perfect robe for summer. The silky material will keep you cool while covering you up, and the feminine pattern will make you feel fun and flirty. This is the perfect robe to wear while getting ready for a night out to dine alfresco.  Or, slip into this robe after a long day at the beach, and enjoy the sun’s warmth radiating off your skin while you relax.

For every summer occasion, find the best PJ’s at the PJ’s Company.  Whether you’re looking for vacation pajamas, cooling pajamas, or silky robes, the PJ’s Company has the set for you.