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The Best Work-From-Home Pajamas

Surely you're much more comfortable in a cozy pair of PJs or a comfy pair of lounge pants than you would be working from home in jeans. However, there is something to be said about the kind of informal attire you choose to work in. For example, working in a ratty, torn T-shirt could actually lessen your attention span. While you may be trying to convince your brain to get prepared for your 2 PM Zoom meeting, your attire is telling you to take another trip to the snack cabinet and turn on Netflix. Not all pajamas are created equal. Well-fitting, high-quality pajamas will not only keep you comfier during the workday but also help keep you motivated on your daily tasks.

 We're giving you the best of both worlds. Pajamas that you wouldn't be afraid to answer the door for the mailman in or accept a video call. Here are the best collections to try.


The PJ Set You Can Video Call Your Boss In

No one will be able to tell you're wearing soft, stretchy pajamas. The long-sleeve top fits and feels just like a regular lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt. The set comes with a pair of coordinating PJ bottoms you can comfortably sit in all day long. Whether you're leading the next team meeting or having a one-on-one with a colleague, no one will be able to tell that you're actually wearing pajamas. Don't worry; your secret's safe with us.


The Robe You'll Never Want to Take Off

Our new organic cotton robe is ideal for the chilly winds and crisp fall days that are upon us. This mid-length robe is the perfect transition piece as winter approaches. It's lightweight, so when you're typing on your laptop, you don't have to worry about heavy, bulky sleeves getting in your way. The super-soft robe is made with 100% ethically-sourced organic cotton. The best part? It has deep pockets. Keep your work essentials like pens, your phone, or chocolate (no judgment here) by your side for easy grabbing. The robe also comes with a hood when you need to feel a little extra warmth but haven't turned the heat on yet


What To Wear When You Don't Have Any Video Calls Scheduled

While this set may be a little too risqué for the weekly team video chat, it's perfect for the days when you're working solo and need a little pick-me-up. No one ever said you couldn't look and feel sexy while replying to emails. Think of old Hollywood glamour. Nothing says luxury like a matching silky designer pajama set. This set includes a soft cami, smooth bottoms, and matching vintage-inspired robe to match. You'll be carefree and comfy all day long while the soft fabric helps you look polished and chic.


The Nightgown You Can Wear All Day Long

 This loose, flowing nightgown is the epitome of regal nightwear. With major throwback vibes, this nightdress will keep you looking and feeling like royalty. The soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric won't tug against your skin while you're trying to work. The stunning embroidery on the neckline will help you feel more put together than wearing your hubby's old T-shirt from 2002.


The Sets You'll Only Find At PJs

When you think of pajama sets, this set probably comes to mind. This essential duo has that iconic button-down cuff pajama shirt along with a pair of coordinating pants. When you want to feel "put together" but still rock your pajamas during the 9-5 workday, this is the perfect duo. It's classy, soft, and made from eco-friendly material.

By the looks of it, we're going to be working from home for the foreseeable future. Why not make the best of it? Be on the lookout for our new Flannel PJs Collection. Nothing screams the holidays like a pair of classic flannel pajamas. While the holiday season may look a little different this year and celebrations will likely be canceled - there are no rules against comfy loungewear!

The gift-giving season is closer than you may think. Have you started making your list yet?